My Journey

I have been fascinated with the mind-body relationship since early childhood, specialising in Sports Psychology, as part of my BSc (hons) Sport & Exercise Science degree, in 1999. It wasn’t until my early 20’s, that I became captivated by Chinese Medicine. Although acupuncture was fairly inaccessible at the time, I felt instinctively drawn to it, and despite the turns in the road, this spark never faded. During my travels to the far East in 2009, while immersed in Buddhist culture, this spark was reignited. Surrounded by the majestic backdrop of Thailand’s northerly mountainous range, I began my journey into healing, training exclusively with the Thai Massage School in Pai. In 2016, following the birth of my second child, I realised it was time to begin nurturing this dream. A lifelong journey I feel very privileged to be part of.


I am a deeply passionate and integrative practitioner of oriental medicine, dedicated to patient-centred, holistic healthcare. I am a fully qualified and experienced Practitioner of Shiatsu and Reiki and am a Professional Member of the Shiatsu Society UK. I am also a final year student of Acupuncture (BAcC Accredited) at the prestigious Classical Chinese Medicine college in Leamington Spa, under the lineage of JR Worsley.

I have extensive Biomedical knowledge gained both in practice and through my BSc (hons) and Anatomy & Physiology Training, and have acquired specialist knowledge in child and adolescent health and well-being.

I use a blended approach with my patients, offering unique and individualised treatments, to empower them both now and in the future.

My Philosophy


“…Awakening is not changing who you are, but discarding who you are not.” – Deepak Chopra

My training has, without intention, guided me towards a Japanese influence, which uses more subtle and gentle techniques to nourish and support from within. My intention, always, is to be present and focused on the individual, directed not by their condition, but by the root cause of disharmony.

My role is to enable patients to heal themselves, offering supportive advice and techniques which may help them regain confidence and control over their own health.

I work respectfully and collaboratively with conventional healthcare, and am confident in referring or making recommendations where appropriate. I strongly believe in a healthcare system which integrates both Eastern and Western practice, for the greater good of the individual.


My Happy Place


My spiritual resting place is much closer to home these days, in the rolling hills of Langsett Reservoir. With modern day life demanding so much of our energy, I find it even more important to have a place in which to destress, reflect and feel grounded. A place, just for me. I encourage my patients to have this same awareness, to reconnect with themselves, and recognise the virtue of self-care.


“…I found myself very relaxed and deeply nourished from the acupressure and stretches. I would recommend the experience to anyone seeking a revitalising energy treatment.” 

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B Badby